I have been following the following tutorial to create my hello worl program and I am having some problem I would like some help with.
1. I have an overo fire board.
2. in the tutorial is mentioned that to install the package I should use the command ipkg install, however for the overo fire the ipkg command does not seem to exist. Instead I used "/usr/bin/opkg".
opkg install helloworld_1.0.0-r1.5_armv7a.ipk
Installing helloworld (1.0.0-r1.5) to root...
Configuring helloworld
3 After the above command I typed hello at the command line, as shown in the tutorial, and I get the following error
# hello
-sh: hello: not found
4. I did type # helloworld at the command line and I get the following results
# helloworld
Hello world!
However, my hello.c file is program to say "Hello ARM World, from BITBAKE \n".
after the opkg successfully completed I cannot find the hello program anywhere.
My question is, is the information in the tutorial accurate as far as ipkg and opkg?
what exactly was installed when I ran the opkg command?
What happened to my package, where is it installed at?