After looking through, and it would be safe to say that all boards draw at most 1 Watt (250mA @ 4V), probably less. It is also stated there that a 200Mhz model will only draw around 140mW (35mA @ 4V) if it is idle.

Based on this, I would go for the cheapest solution which is the gumstix basix 200.

Jostein A. Jacobsen

2008/11/9 solarwind <>
Umm, bump?

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 4:38 PM, solarwind <> wrote:
Hey all,

I'm trying to build a solid RPN calculator out a gumstix (overkill, I know, but it's a project). The MAIN requirement for the calculator is that it needs to consume as little power as possible. What's the BEST gumstix to get to consume as little power as possible? Processing performance is not an issue. It will run on batteries.

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