On 2/24/07, Daniel O'Shea <dan@ozramp.net.au> wrote:
I plan to use gumstix for a musical application, and haven't been able
to find clear information on whether anyone has been able to get
audiostix2 to cooperate with ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) or
been able to make its TTL level serial ports (or even the tweener's
RS-232 serial port) run at 31,250 bits per second for MIDI? any
clarification would be very helpful!

do you plan to run oss emulation or native alsa (ie, would you use bplay or aplay?) ?? native alsa i broken on the gumstix, and i havent been able to figure out how to get it to work, as there is something wrong with the installation of the alsa config files. im working on trying to get it to work, but no one else on this list seems to have any interest or ideas for fixing it. oss emulation works fine however.