Yeap ,
you have reason 24 bits dont sounds "understandable" to Xscale PXA255 LCD Controller, maybe ill wait to an PXA270 upgrade with LCD controller supporting up to 24 bits or use an non-wide lcd with 18 bits from sharp too ( ) :(

thanks again guys!

On 12/19/05, Chris Clough <> wrote:
Hi Dave,

I figured that would be the solution; the best solution of course is to have a driver that can support 24bit ;) I probably wouldn't use this display with either of the PXA's mentioned simply because I couldn't take full advantage of the depth.


On 12/19/05, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
Hi Chris.

>  The problem is that it's a 24bit display. From my understanding (please
> correct me if I'm wrong) the PXA255 can handle up to 16bit color. I use the
> PXA27x and run a 18bit and that's pretty much the maximum color depth.
>  If someone knows a way around this, I'd be uninterested to hear their
> thoughts.

The "simple" solution would be to map the 16 bits out to 24. Normally
the 16 bits is arranged as a 5-6-5. I'd tie the least significant bits
of each 8 bit color to the most significant bit (that way you get a
true black and a true white).

Any other solution (using some kind of hardware lookup table would
require custom software that doesn't presently exist, since indexed
color is almost always of the 8bit -> 24 bit variety.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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