Can you list the compiler errors you get?


On 8/30/06, Michael Simon <> wrote:

I've recently been trying to do some onboard image processing, and have
run into a strange configuration snag. I am certain that libjpeg is in
the buildroot (and my copy of it), libraries and headers both, but I
cannot 1) seem to use it with a straight arm-linux-g++ compile with a
test program 2) get configure to pick it up for OpenCV (I've made a
slight mod to OpenCV's highgui that requires libjpeg. Hopefully I can
spare you the details.) I'm working off version 1073 of the buildroot,
if that helps. I have successfully installed libjpeg/OpenCV on the
development box, so I know the code itself is good (or at least close)
and does what I want. It just won't work in the cross-compiler
environment either way. Any ideas?

-Mike S.

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