Thank you for the quick response.  I can't seem to get the sample character driver to load.  I tried using the precompiled driver and I compiled my own, but each time I try to load the module I get the following error:

# insmod char-driver.ko
insmod: cannot insert `char-driver.ko': Unknown symbol in module (-1): No such file or directory
Any ideas?

Thanks again


On 6/27/06, Chris Danis <> wrote:
On 6/27/06, Richard Marchant <> wrote:
> I recently got nano-X running on the gumstix, but now I need a way to
> control the interface.  I have a custom-made daughterboard with a
> directional pad wired up to GPIO, but I'm not sure how  to trigger an event
> when a button is pushed.  Can anyone give me some pointers on accessing the
> GPIO information, or for example triggering a program to run when a button
> is pushed?  I eventually want to be able to navigate thru a web-interface
> with this directional pad.  Thank you.


Your best bet is probably to start with David Hylands' sample
character driver.  His code (if I recall correctly) watches for edge
transitions on a single GPIO pin and, when loaded into the kernel,
will allow userspace applications to listen for these events.

Obviously you'll have to extend this a bit to do what you want, but it
should provide a good starting point.


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