If you are going to use the board as a USB host, just get a 5V wall adapter.  I used the one from the site, and it works perfectly fine.  You only need to power the breakout board.  In fact, the breakout-vx simply brings the pins out that you would normally connect the power of the verdex board to.  The nice thing about the breakout board is that you are not trying to connect to 0.5mm pitch pins.

Just think of the breakout board almost like a prototype board.  It just makes things easier to reach, and you are not stuck soldering a power jack yourself.

On 10/6/07, Robert Klinkhammer <rklinkhammer@verizon.net> wrote:
I recently purchased a verdex xm4-bt and breakout vx.  I have read through
the FAQ and getting started stuff, and have had no problem setting up the
build-root environment (except for the build issue with 1533).

>From the documentation, I believe that this is the sequence.

Put both boards together.
Connect power supply to breakout vx
Connect USB to breakout vx
Setup USBnet
Telnet into gumstix.

What is not clear (or I haven't found it) is what voltage power supply to
connect to breakout-vx?
Is this sufficient for the verdex or is there a separate connection?
do I need to wire a console on the breakout vx?
Is blue-tooth activated enough that I can get in that way?


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