What does a Flashing Orange LED mean for D17 after downloading a bootloader to flash mean?


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Hi Dave:

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HI Melanie.

> I downloaded Jon Hyland's bootloader-stk 500 to my Robostix (in standalone
> mode). During download I get this error:

You probably meant Dave. My brother is Jon. And it isn't actually my
bootloader, Jason Kyle is the original author.

> A problem occured when executing the command. See the command output for
> more info. I checked the frequency specified in the "Board' page and it is
> set to 1.049 kHz. Is this ok? The error I get is as follows:

When executing what command?
I assume you're talking about programming the bootloader into the
ATMega128? Which programmer are you using?

I'm using avrisp programmer ($35.00 from Digikey).

1.049 kHz is on the slow side. 125 kHz or 250 kHz is more typical.

Make sure that you program the fuses properly. otherwise the
bootloader won't work properly.
The fuse settings I use are: Low: 0xBF, High: 0xC2, Extended: 0xFF

I set my fuses in AVR Studio so I have no clue when you say use Low: 0xBF, High: 0xC2, and Extended: 0xFF. I set my fuses according to the directions posted by Robostix:

The fact that Red LED is blinking indicates that the bootloader is running.

If there is no program downloaded, then the LED should flash about 5
times per second.

It flashes constantly. It never goes away. So I guess that means it didn't download right?

If there is a program downloaded (other than the bootloader) then the
red LED should flash quickly for about 3 seconds, and then launch the
downloaded program.

I don't use Windows anymore, but using the bootloader, I was able to
program the Flash-LED.hex using the following command line.

avrdude -b 38400 -p atmega128 -c avrisp -P /dev/ttyS0 -F -U

I think that AVRStudio migh try to use a faster baud rate, I don't
recall. Note for the abovr avrisp and stk500 are really the same
thing. I had the robostix connected directly to my PC (via the serial
port) to do the programming. I used the gumstix to actually program
the bootloader onto the robostix, although any programmer should work
equally well.

I don't have gumstix to program it.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada