I downloaded Jon Hyland's bootloader-stk 500 to my Robostix (in standalone mode). During download I get this error:

A problem occured when executing the command. See the command output for more info. I checked the frequency specified in the "Board' page and it is set to 1.049 kHz. Is this ok? The error I get is as follows:

The troubleshooting section in the help system contains more information on what may have caused the problems. To open the help system, click the Help button below.

Quick Tips: verify that the device is placed in the correct socket, and that the ISP cable is properly connected. Check that the ISP programming frequency specified on the Board page is well below 1/4 of the clock frequency of the device. Extra precaution should be made when using the CKDIV fuse and/or Clock Prescaler Register (CLKPR) on parts supporting this.