On 8/17/05, Frank <frannk_m1@yahoo.com> wrote:
I am back to trying to get ttyS2 working on board. These are the
settings for the GPIO46 and 47:

# cat /proc/gpio/GPIO47
47      AF1     out     set


# cat /proc/gpio/GPIO46
46      AF2     in      set

Add a:

stty -F /dev/ttyS2 -ixon speed 115200

(Replace 115200 by the value of your choice 4800, 9600, etc)

Connect the gumstix to a PC via DB9 <-> minidin8 null modem cable on the waysmall (on the port
the most on the opposite of the usb connector!).

I should work fine!
But after rereading the comments we wrote when we configurate the ttyS2. We noticed:
- That there could be problems using the communication via minicom.
- And a canonical mode seem to be activated by default (bufferisation maxi 255 octets and wait for a \n).

You could try to do:
On your PC:
cat <ttyS0

On the gumstix:
cat "aFileOfFewKiloBytes" >ttyS2

This will show you if the RS232 connection woks.

Il semblerait qu'un mode canonique (canonical) soit actif par defaut (bufferisation maxi 255 octets et attente d'un \n).