The second serial port is ttyS2 or ttyS3.

Try to find an old from me to the list about how using these port. It should help you.


On 29 Jul 2005 10:41:47 +0100, James Coxon <> wrote:
Hi I recently got a waysmall 200 without bluetooth and am trying to connect
a serial gps reciever to it. I have managed to get the reciever to connect
to the first serial port ttyS0 (as in the one nearest the power jack) and
using gpsd get a position. However when I attempt to use the second serial
port I don't get the same results (i get nothing even if i use stty to
reduce the baud rate and cat /dev/ttyS1) Am i using the correct ttyS? Are
there any additional things that are required. Thanks in advance (I reckon
i'm just being stupid and have overlooked something!) James

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