Hi All,
I'm a little confused about the instructions for flashing a Verdex. I have been studying the instructions for doing it over SSH, and I digg the instructions for uBoot and the rootfs. My problem lies with the uImage and mtd2:
# echo && flashcp -v /tmp/rootfs.arm_nofpu.jffs2 /dev/mtd1 && flashcp /tmp/uImage /dev/mtd2 && echo > /dev/watchdog
I don't have a /dev/mtd2 to copy the 
uImage to!
have the following:
# cd /dev/
# ls
console    log        mtd1       null       random     ttyS1
full       mem        mtd1ro     port       shm        ttyS2
kmem       mtd0       mtdblock0  ptmx       tty        urandom
kmsg       mtd0ro     mtdblock1  pts        ttyS0      zero
Also, my root is on 
# df
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock1           31.8M      8.1M     23.7M  25% /
I have noted that when I dd mtdblock1 I get an output 
file of size 0x01fc0000 which is 0x00100000 (supposed size of mtd2) bigger 
than it should be! Help with this would be greatly appreciated as I have a 
new image from buildroot that I want to get up and going!
I also 
assume that I will use a command like:
# echo && flashcp -v /tmp/rootfs.arm_nofpu.jffs2 /dev/mtdblock1 && flashcp /tmp/uImage /dev/mtdblock2 && echo > /dev/watchdog
and substitue /dev/mtdblock0 for /dev/mtd0 when flashing the uBoot (first of course).
Details of my setup:
Verdex XL6P, 2.6.18gum, Release 1321, uBoot - Unsure (will flash it first anyway)
Jonathan Rodgers
P.S. has anyone else noticed a problem with the maillist search on sourceforge. It has been returning errors when I try and search for things!


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