I downloaded the mentioned versions for consistency.

When I do "i2c-io 0x0b get f.7" with my "loop" plugged in, I get 0 (as expected.) And when I unplug it- I get 1 (as expected.)

Didnt get anything between 62 and 64...

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>Hi Cody,
>On 11/2/06, cody@lodrige.com <cody@lodrige.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Dave!
>> I just built a cable that simply is a "loop" (3 pin cable where the two
>> outside pins are connected.)
>> That should ground out the ADC line and return a value of "0."
>> I tested this with a voltmeter again, to make sure it wasnt a stupid error
>> on my part.
>> I then plugged it into ADC.7 on the back of the board, the farthest away
>> from the edge that has the power jack.
>> when I do "i2c-io 0x0b get ADC.7" I STILL get "1023."
>> Whats going on here??? Do I have to set some register on the ATmega128? I
>> am using a standard SVN copy of i2c-io that I havent modified btw.
>I'm using the i2c-io.hex from here:
>and the i2c-io program from within the i2c-io-2.6.15.tar.gz (it also
>works on later versions of the kernel).
>What happens if you try f.7? This is the digital version of the same pin.
>Do you get the same effect on other ADC pins?
>What does
>i2c-io 0x0b readreg pinf
>If you power off the board, do you measure continuity between the
>ADC.7 pin and the +5 pin?
>You should also check for continuity between pin 64 and pin 62? Pin 62
>is AREF, and pin 64 is AVCC. These should be connected to each other,
>and you should also be able to measure continuity between either of
>these pins and the +5 pin on the ADC pins.
>Looking at this photo:
>Pin 64 is the leftmost pin of the ATMega128 along the top.
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