I'm also designing a carrier board using the SMSC USB2514.  Is there a reason why you need to specifically configure the hub at boot time (i.e. to set specific power options, VID/PID, etc.)?  Or are you just trying to eliminate the need for an I2C EEPROM?  I believe you can simply tie the CFG_SEL[2:0] pins to one of the "Internal Default Configuration" codes listed in Table 8.1.2 of the datasheet.  This will cause the USB2514B to load some default settings and eliminate the need for an EEPROM or uboot-based configuration.  See chapter 8 (page 33 in the Rev 1.1 datasheet) for details.  Good luck!

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> Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 17:11:31 -0700
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> Subject: [Gumstix-users] Configuring a four port USB2514 hub via I2c at boot time
> Hi All,
> Ive designed my gumstix carrier board and now im trying to get it all up and
> running. I have a USB2514B (USB2514B-AEZG) providing 4 USB ports as a hub
> from gumstix's USBH_Dx (pins 34+35). VBUS is connected to 3.3V and is always
> true.
> The problem I have is that this USB2415 hub needs to be configured, via I2C
> inorder to be set up before it can be used (its I2C is connected to the
> Gumstix I2C3 port - pins 10+13). This means uboot must give it a config via
> I2C before attempting to identifiy it as a 4 port hub.
> I2C probe comes back with 4 ID's, one of them I expect is the USB2415. I
> cannot figure out how to probe the different I2C busses though using Uboot
> on the gumstix, so I hope its right.
> I have looked for I2C config drivers for the USB2514, but cannot find any -
> however, this chip is really popular - everyone seems to use it, along with
> its derivatives, the USB2512, USB2513, USB2514 etc.
> Has anybody got any experience with this sort of bootup config. Any help on
> how I got about configuring with uboot would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Steve
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