> It looks like your group is called "Domain Users" (with a embedded
> space). The simplest thing to do would to change your group name (this
> is presumably on your build machine) so that it has no embedded
> spaces.
> You should find it in /etc/groups (you'll need to have root priviledge
> to change it).
> Once you've changed it, you can use the groups command to list of the
> groups that you belong to. If you change the numerical value, then
> you'll need to log out and back in again, but if you only change the
> string portion, then you should see the effect immediately.
> --
> Dave Hylands
> Shuswap, BC, Canada
> http://www.DaveHylands.com/

It seems that was indeed the problem (at least one of the problems).
The tiny helloworld-image compiled correctly. Now i'm running omap3-console-image.
Finally things are starting to get right!

Thanks everybody for helping,