Hi all,

In developing a data Transfer (Chatting) program between my Laptop and the Gumstix, but I faced some problems concerning the Receive&Send_Buffer of the Gumstix
By testing I found the the ReceiveBuff is 2^15-1 = 32,767 Bytes, Send to Gumstix works fine, maybe slow but it is working.
Then I wanted to Receive from the Gumstix, I thought that the SendBuff = ReceiveBuff, but I was wrong.
Tried to send a message with size of ReceiveBuff (32,767) from the Gumstix to my laptop, but I received the message on two parts (8688 then 24,079), I retested this step always the same, tried to make a sleep (3 sec) between every message and the other, but the result is the same (8688 then 24,079), so I tried another message size, I tried (50,000), I received the data on 4 messages (8688, 21680, 18784, 848), I need to send big files from the Gumstix to my Laptop, tell me what to do !

Using VerdexPro Pack, Windows CE, C#, .NET Framework 2.0, Sockets TCP/IP, Wifi

Ahmad Magdy
Trainee at Nile University