>> I am having two problems however. First, and less important I think - my
>> 32Mb MMC card (provided by Gumstix) seems to not be recognized by the
>> system anymore: # ls -l /dev/mmc/mmc0/part1
>>     brw-r----- 1 root root 254, 1 Dec 15 2004 /dev/mmc/mmc0/part1
>>     # mount /mnt/mmc
>>     mount: Mounting /dev/mmc/mmc0/part1 on /mnt/mmc failed: No such device
>>     #

>You need to load the proper modules first:
>modprobe mmc_block
>modprobe pxamci
>modprobe vfat
>modprobe nls_iso8859-1
>modprobe nls_cp437
>mount /mnt/mmc


I've got the same problem.
When I try to load the modules I get:

modprobe: could not parse modules.dep

It has the same error during startup. I looked into the modules.dep file in /lib/modules/li*/ and that is empty.


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