>> Dave,

>> do you mean you want to simultaneously be connected to the same  
>> windows "session" from 2 places?  ie the gumstix in read-only mode  
>> and the console in write-only mode?  I'm not sure if "session  
>> sharing" like that is possible with rdesktop.  Though actually, I  
>> guess that's how the windows "remote assistance" thing works, so it  
>> might be possible.

I really don't need to access the session from two places, just from the gumstix.  Eventually, I might try interfacing a touchscreen through rdesktop, but now I'm just trying to compare performance of rdesktop to tightvnc (over bluetooth).  It's supposed to be MUCH faster so this could be a big advantage for remoting the display over BT.  (Friends at work confirm that rdesktop is much faster, at least over wideband connections and higher performance PCs.)

My plan was to start the application on the laptop (moving map) then connect using rdesktop on the gumstix (over bluetooth).   Then I could compare vnc to rdesktop using the actual application.

So, I'm told that I should expect to see the current desktop on my laptop via rdesktop
, not  a new one, once I get past the logon screen.   I'm using putty on the laptop to ssh into the gum (over bluetooth).   So I tried starting rdesktop with userid (-u)  and password (-p) parameters.

When I do this,  I get the same windows logon screen on the gumstix LCD, but with the userid field filled in with the -u (userid) argument and the password field (hidden) filled out.  And, an hour glass appears.  

Soon, the laptop screen goes blank (it should) but then nothing happens for about a minute.  Eventually, I get a logon screen on the laptop.

After entering userid and password on the laptop, I get the message "putty fatal error: network error software caused connection to abort".

It's as if starting rdesktop on the gumstix is causing the connection putty is using to be closed.  In fact, eventually the gum automatically reconnects to the laptop (I can hear the "tada" when the laptop recongizes the gum wants to connect).

I'm using a Kensington USB to bluetooth adapter on the laptop.

Posted this on the rdesktop forum also, but so far no help there.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Dave Thomas