Hi all,


My device is connected on ttyS2 and it is taking data at the interval of 3 min, but the problem is that sometimes it stop taking data and after an indefinite time it starts again taking data,


The cat /proc/gpio/GPIO4[6789] o/p is:


46      AF2     in      set

47      AF1     out     set

48      AF2     out     set

49      AF2     out     set


And these parameters are working on other gumstix and giving data,


I used these commans to set it but it did’nt worked


modprobe proc_gpio
echo "AF2 in" >/proc/gpio/GPIO46
echo "AF1 out" >/proc/gpio/GPIO47
stty -F /dev/ttyS2 -ixon speed 115200


please help me to get out of this problem.

Thanks & Regards

Harihar Tiple

Powertech Automations Solutions Ltd.