A few weeks ago, I posted some notes that mentioned that a couple steps were missing from the Bluetooth tutorial on the wiki.  One problem that I hadn't figured out at the time was that while the wiki notes implied that after the BT link layer connection was made, the TCP/IP iface IP assignment would happen automatically and the interface would be up.  

I was working towards the gumstix as Access Point and PC/Windows as BT client configuration.

BTW - a good article on Linux bluetooth connection to GPRS devices:


I was looking for how to automatically assign and bring up a BT interface to TCP after the BT link layer connection is made.  

I found the answer in this article.  The bluetooth demon, pand, will execute a "dev-up" script when the BT interface goes active.  In that script I can invoke the ifconfig command that I've been manually invoking through the serial console to bind the IP address to the BT interface and bring it up on TCP.

On the gumstix in /etc/bluetooth/pan/dev-up, I added the ifconfig command.  So on the gumstix, the dev-up script has to have:

/sbin/ifup $1
ifconfig bnep0 up

in order to have the TCP binding happen automatically after the BT connection is made from the client PC.  For me, this last step made it work flawlessly.  I know the wiki is undergoing some change now, but eventually, it would be good to add some of this info to the gumstix AP and PC Client configuration described.