Hi Aaron,
Just create the patch file before you commit it, because once you commit it, there wont be any new changes, so git diff will empty. 

If you type git format-patch v2.6.29 you will get the full list of recently applied commits to the main kernel 2.6. I haven't figured out how to extract the most recent commit as a patch yet. ;-) 

Maybe some command like git log, to get the SHA1 HASH code, and then use that to extract the patch? Maybe? ;-) 

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On May 4, 2009, at 7:56 AM, Elvis Dowson wrote:

Step 05.00: Commit your changes.

$ git add .            # be careful not to add the output files. these are anyway located outside the current directory.
$ git commit -a -m "SPI: Added support for xyz device."    

Step 06.00: Create a patch file.

$ git diff > spi-device-support.patch