Please help!


I need help getting I2C working between my robostix and my verdex.  I intend to use I2C for a project but when i2c-load failed with the i2c-Bootloader it made my confidence fall almost as fast as the Dow this past week…


This is the error I’m getting along with the info page and the fuse settings:



root@gumstix2:~$ i2c-load 0x0b Write /root/Flash-LED.hex

Detected ATMega128

Write:  ###ERROR: I2cTransfer: ioctl failed: Connection refused (111)

ERROR: BootLoaderWrite: I2cWriteBlock failed: Connection refused (111)


ERROR: Error writing 28 bytes to 0xa54

root@gumstix2:~$ i2c-load --reset 0x0b info

I2C Dev Addr: 0x0b

     Version: 1

  MinVersion: 1

 Part Number: 0x9702 (ATMega128)

    Reg Size:  256

    RAM Size: 4096

 EEPROM Size: 4096

   Page Size:  256

  Flash Size:  128k

Node Name: not set

Boot Delay: unset, defaults to 5 seconds

I2C Addr: unset, defaults to 0x0b

root@gumstix2:~$ uisp --rd_fuses

Atmel AVR ATmega128 is found.


Fuse Low Byte      = 0xbf

Fuse High Byte     = 0xc2

Fuse Extended Byte = 0xff

Calibration Byte   = 0xb5  --  Read Only

Lock Bits          = 0xff

    BLB12 -> 1

    BLB11 -> 1

    BLB02 -> 1

    BLB01 -> 1

      LB2 -> 1

      LB1 -> 1



What’s funny is it starts transferring (see the ‘###’ before ‘ERROR’) then fails.  It usually stops immediately but one time I was actually able to load a whole program.


I have also run i2c-test and it fails.  The SDA line seems to track but the SCL does not.  The thing that really bothers me is that I bought 2 robostix wifi packs and I’ve done this on both and it is the same…


I must be doing something wrong…Any clues?