On Aug 7, 2007, at 9:50 AM, Michael Caughey wrote:

I'm sure this has to be documented somewhere on the docwiki but i cannot find it.  I did a search on the wiki for GPS and recieved no hits.
What i'm looking to do is use a communications package on the gumstx (verdex) to see the output of the GPS to make sure its working.  My program isn't getting anything and I want to insure thatthe GPS is indeed working.

I use:

socat open:/dev/ttyS2,B9600,sane,clocal stdio

Alternatively (and maybe better), you can use:

gpsd /dev/ttyS2
socat tcp4:localhost:2947 stdio

(the "r" command is sent once you're connected to gpsd via socat -- it should then start dumping the raw NMEA sentence stream for you)