I used to work on my experiments through Buildroot. But based on recent recommendations, I decided to do everything through OE. So, I have OE setup and ready on my system and built the basic image. I also have instructions on how to get that image to my Stix, and will test that today.

In the mean time, I have been trying to learn as much about OE in context of Gumstix recently and found huge holes in the documentation. The gumstix.net site and www.gumstix.net sites are very useful, but do not answer some of my basic questions. I appreciate your time on this.

First, I just want to briefly explain my needs. I am building a small robot that is using custom software. The robot consists of several hardware modules that will talk to the gumstix via I2C. It also has some serial devices that I will need to connect via the serial ports. The Gumstix I have is a 400mhz Basix with Bluetooth. At this point, Bluetooth is not really a concern, though in the future I plan on using it.

So, to my point. Is there a list of gumstix packages that I can see so that I can select what to enable (or install) and what to disable? It was mentioned that there are several packages that should be disabled to save space. I have found no reference on how to enable or disable items to be compiled into the image. Also, because my needs are so very basic, any recommendations you have as to what is not needed is most useful.

End result, I would appreciate it if you could tell me, or direct me to instructions that would help. I am not a Linux developer. I work with very specific applications, so the Linux world is a little confusing from the programming perspective.