Same exact process and question as  question as JP...


There is no hello executable, but there is a /usr/bin/helloworld


The bitbake recipe in the tutorial specifies a ‘hello’ executable… where is it?




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For something like helloworld it most likely will install in current current directory.


cd /home/root
ipkg ..... as before

then type

pwd      #This is to check your current directory is still set to /home/root
./hello    #the ./ is just a way to tell it to explicitly look in the current directorh for the hello executable.

Make sure when you change the source and recompile you will need to bump the rev number of the pkg.



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Subject: [Gumstix-users] hello world


I have been following the following tutorial to create my hello worl program and I am having some problem I would like some help with.



1. I have an overo fire board.

2. in the tutorial is mentioned that to install the package I should use the command ipkg install, however for the overo fire the ipkg command does not seem to exist. Instead I used "/usr/bin/opkg".


opkg install helloworld_1.0.0-r1.5_armv7a.ipk
Installing helloworld (1.0.0-r1.5) to root...
Configuring helloworld

3 After the above command I typed hello at the command line, as shown in the tutorial, and I get the following error

# hello
-sh: hello: not found


4. I did type # helloworld at the command line and I get the following results

# helloworld
Hello world!


However, my hello.c file is program to say "Hello ARM World, from BITBAKE \n".

after the opkg successfully completed I cannot find the hello program anywhere.

My question is, is the information in the tutorial accurate as far as ipkg and opkg?


what exactly was installed when I ran the opkg command?


What happened to my package, where is it installed at?