Page 116 of the TPS65950 data manual has some diagrams for charging the battery using a USB. The battery has to be interfaced with VBAT, ADIN1, ADIN2 and GND. 

The VBAT, ADIN1 & ADIN2 pins are not there in the Overo J1 and J4 connectors. Does this mean that the current overo motherboard cannot charge a li-on polymer battery?

How do other users manage using it for mobile applications, like robotics and UAVs ? 

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On Dec 16, 2008, at 2:24 PM, Elvis Dowson wrote:

Looking a bit closer, I see two sets of power supply pins on the J4 connector on the Overo motherboard

1 VSYSTEM board supply: 3.3V - 4.2V
2 VSYSTEM board supply: 3.3V - 4.2V
33 GND 

Question 01: Why two sets of power supply inputs to the board?

Question 02: Which one should I connect a li-ion polymer battery source to?

Question 03: The TPS65950 appears to be able to support (correct me if I'm wrong) charging via USB. The TPS65950 data sheet (page 38) has two Dc-Dc regulators (VDD1 and VDD2). There are also some references to VBAT for connection to the battery. There are also some references to VRUSB3V1, VRUSB1V8, and VRUSB1V5 for USB internal power supply sources. 

The overo motherboard J4 connector pin 32 refers to a USBH_VBUS. The TPS65950 data sheet (page 18) mentions a USB Power Supply 5.0V VBUS. 

Does this mean that I can use the overo J4 USBH_VBUS to supply power to the Overo motherboard via a powered USB port? 

I'm trying to see if I can connect a li-on polymer battery to the overo motherboard and use the USB port to charge the battery at the same time. 

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On Dec 16, 2008, at 1:48 PM, Elvis Dowson wrote:

      Has anyone tried to use a li-ion polymer battery pack with the overo motherboard? I was thinking of trying to use a 1500mh 3.7v li-ion polymer battery used on the iPhone 3G, to power the Overo mother board.

The TI TPS65950 appears to have some sort of li-ion battery charger support. Has anyone successfully connected a li-ion battery pack and charge it with the TPS65950?

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