Dear gumstix-users,


I am looking for clarification regarding the pin-out on the verdex XL6P 120-pin connector. We are building a PCB to interface with the verdex XL6P and have found two resources that list the pin names/function of the 120-pin connector.

The first resource is the connector chart available at "" last modified 4/26/2007.

The second resource is the schematic for the netCF-vx PCB in the PCB10035.sch file, Sheet: 5/5 HEADER:MOLEX120, Dated 7/19/2007.

Between these resources, there is a discrepancy in the name/function of pin-9. The connector chart list pin-9 as "GPIO(22) / SSPSCLK2" and the netCF-vx schematic list pin-9 as"X_NCS5".

Which is correct?

And does anyone know if there are other design discrepancies/updates to the XL6P that are not yet been posted?