One other thing to keep in mind is that in some non US markets (Australia for instance) wifi can use channels 12 and 13 - yet if you have a device that is configured for the USA, it will not be able to communicate on anything higher than channel 11.

Frustratingly enough, it may sometimes just see the network, but be unable to connect, other times it won't even see the network in question at all...

On 29/08/2010, at 5:22 PM, Erik Rodriguez wrote:

After quite some time struggling with Wifi issues on my Gumstix, I started to take a look at my wireless setup here in the house. I had configured my home Wifi to work on channel 11. When scanning the wifi from the gumstix, I often found that the upper channel wifi connections would either not show, or would show intermittently. So, I changed my channel from 11 to 8. The Wifi on the gumstix came up immediately and without issue. I am testing for stability now.
I hope this helps the rest of you who are having a similar issue.
Also, perhaps this is a limitation of the Wifi module on the Gumstix? Perhaps it can not operate properly in the upper frequencies? Dunno. I leave that to the Gods at Gumstix.