On Jul 17, 2006, at 12:23 PM, Daniel Foisy wrote:

Actually, I like the model Gumstix uses in that they provide a simple external interface to a good majority of the signals the PXA2xx provides, while providing only the basics on-board that make the processor run.  The only caveat to that is my life would be much simpler if both the 60 and 120- pin connectors were on the same side of the board so that I could use the signals of both connectors on my custom boards (though I obviously realize that rather limits the physical configurations of daughterboards that gumstix can provide.)  Personally, if I need an FPGA, I'll add one to my daughterboard but then again I have access to all the tools needed to design and solder such beasts.  Not sure I'd like to be in Craig's shoes as whatever Gumstix chooses, someone is bound to be unhappy (and let them know about it) but I'm sure that 99.99% of their customers are ecstatic with the product and price point they provide (including me - do you know how much it would cost to produce a microvia board and have BGAs soldered to it in the quantities that I deal with!?)

Yeah, and the 0.01% can bite me.