Version 5.x is already there. They include 3.x, 5.x and so on in the same directory. You just change the Makefile/scripts to select which version you want.
Follow http://groups.google.com/group/rowboat/tree/browse_frm/month/2010-12?_done=%2Fgroup%2Frowboat%2Fbrowse_frm%2Fmonth%2F2010-12%3F&
I do believe before the row-boat people mod them (the Makefile to make it easy for us), it comes from TI.

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2. The "Incompatible HW and SW" message suggests that the "current" android image was built before the STORM series with the DM37x cores (which evidently carry a later-rev SGX core). Is there a more current gumstix Android effort underway? Do drivers exist for the latest SGX core? If not, how can I coax the available pre-built image to boot on the WaterSTORM COM? 
I am not sure if the people that created gumdroid are continuing to work on it?
For the DM37x you need a later rev of the SGX core drivers. The omap3530 uses version 3.x and the DM37x uses 5.x. I have got my custom built Android to work with the WaterStorm, but I had to mod the Makefiles so it built the driver with version 5.x instead of 3.x.
I don't use the pre-built image so I can't help you in coaxing it into working, other than to say you would need the 5.x version of the sgx drivers and copy them into the image and delete the others? Assuming that would work?
Also the kernel that is used with the gumdroid doesn't (or didn't for me) support the DM37x mcu, I had to patch the kernel so it would detect the cpu correctly and use the right OPP tables so I could run it at 800MHz. This can't be fixed on the pre-built image less you patch and built your own kernel or they have fixed it.
 3. As a more general observation, Android-related posts seem to be relatively sparse on the list. I surmise that can only be because porting/customizing Android to Overo is either fairly straightforward or fiendishly difficult. :) I have not attempted building from source yet; would it work best to follow the gumstix wiki page on building Android from source? Are there any gotchas to be wary of?

I think because its usage is just less?  If you want to use Android seriously, then I would recommend building it from the source. The two gotcha's I know of I mentioned in response to your question 2.  I think another would be to use the right version of Ubuntu and use the 64-bit version - but I would read the WIKI and check those things. Oh, and I just remembered, the watchdog doesn't work on the waterstorm - there might be a kernel patch now, or you need to use the one in the TPS65950.

Thanks for the pointers. After fiddling around with this some more, I have realized that building from source is the only way to go. There also seems to be more Android-related activity on the rowboat mailing list for anyone that is similarly Android-inclined.

What is the source for the 5.x version of the SGX drivers? The TI graphics SDK?


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