If it is a toby expansion board it will look like https://www.gumstix.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=230.  I would suggest connecting a usb cable to the "console" usb port (which is the top left usb port in that picture) and connecting via serial - 115200 8N1 - and then you can login a shell and find out the IP address or the current state of the system.

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Hello Gumstix community,

I've been handed a Gumstix Overo board from a co-worker.  He last used the Gumstix a year ago and has no idea what it's IP address is.  I have it connected to my PC using an expansion board hat only has an ethernet jack, I think this is a Tobi expansion board.  I'd like to use nmap to find the IP address, and I was hoping someone can give me a range of IP addresses to try!  Is there a default range of IP addresses Gumstix's are assigned before leaving the factory?
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