Yes – sorry – I should have said the 1V8 line should be gated by SYSEN so it doesn’t damage the OMAP.



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I will state up front that this is "bad" or "dangerous" advice, so don't try it unless you really understand all the implications and dangers.  It's possible to brick your gumstix or make your life very difficult trying to find a way to recover ...


But that said, if in the u-boot loader, you run "setenv bootdelay 0" and then "saveenv", the boot loader will no longer even look for key presses and you will sail right past that point in the boot every time no matter what is getting sent across the console.

*BUT* now you can't stop the boot any more to change parameters back.


*HOWEVER* from inside linux once you are booted you can run "fw_setenv bootdelay 5" to reset the u-boot parameter from inside linux.  This presumes you do have a bootable linux system.

So proceed cautiously and I wouldn't try this on anything other than a well configured system that boots reliable into linux (so that you can reset parameters from the linux command line if you need to get back into u-boot.)





On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 5:28 AM, AndyHall <> wrote:

There is already a 10k pull up on the RXD3 line of a Janus board and there
isn't a "RX3" line that I can see. (Searching through the schematic pdf).

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