Sorry to hear this.  I wish that I could provide you with some assistance but I am not experienced this level of the kernel.  All that I can really provide my 2cents and my condolences.  Unfortunately, it appears that you, along with many other former and current Gumstix customers, have fallen in the "Gumstix Void".  Just as with several issues that I raised with their Linux port, you'll be lucky if you ever get Gumstix Support to take notice and respond to your issue, especially now that you have suggested that their support system is lacking real "support".
  From my experience Gumstix may but fine for hobbists and hackers, but if you expect to build a real product that needs to get to market and you want real customer support, then you may probably want to find another platform ASAP.  
Good luck Mike.

From: Mike Turner []
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 1:10 AM
Subject: [Gumstix-users] support issues on Gumstix products

Hi Don,


I was very interested to notice your response here, on the gumstix email list, to a reported hardware problem. I wonder whether “Gumstix always wants to provide quality products” also applies to  your Linux system software.


I have been working on a Gumstix-based development for a customer since late September 2009, and I have had serious and ongoing problems, not with the hardware but with the Open Embedded build of the kernel.  I’ve posted about our problems on at least two occasions, the last time being labeled “nasty surprise when enabling debug in the kernel” which I posted on 5th January 2010. Nobody on the listing has responded to my postings, which is sad because it has meant that I have been left with literally zero support on this platform, and it has cost the customer dear in extended development time.


Between they and myself, performing research into ARM’s own kernel patches via Google, we managed to stagger from what we now know to have been a very brain-damaged 2.6.30-r46 to 2.6.32-r51 which has not cured our ongoing problem but at least boots a SLAB-debug-enabled kernel without error messages.


I would like you to take a look at that last posting of mine and come back to me with some sort of response from Gumstix’s point of view. Are you indeed shipping your software platform with broken or absent QA?  And when Gumstix refers all support queries to the email list and nobody on the email list responds, what are your customers – and their customers - supposed to do?  “Gumstix always wants to provide quality products” talks the talk, but can you walk the walk?




Mike Turner






From: Don Anderson []
Sent: 24 January 2010 18:28
To: General mailing list for gumstix users.
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] after having my gumstix 90 days


Hi Andrew

Sorry to hear of the troubles that you have expressed on our mailing list this weekend. Gumstix always wants to provide quality products so we will contact you off-list regarding your hardware problems.

Customer feedback is always reviewed and results in action here at Gumstix. Recently, the technical documentation and links at have been improved considerably and there is always more to do. Gumstix engineers have been responding more frequently to mailing list postings this year, as well.

@ Gumstix