Hello Gumstix users,


All we have is a Gumstix verdex XM4-bt (with u.fl antenna) in combination with a Robostix (R1131). For some time everything worked, we where able to upload programs to the Gumstix and we used i2c-load to upload programs over the i2c bus to the Atmega128. Every time we turned on the power we found a Bluetooth device (Gumstix(0)) with a computer or with a cell pone (with Bluetooth). Then we used SSH to contact the Gumstix.


Lately we can’t find the Gumstix device, for some mysterious reason. We used several computers and dongles to search for it. No success. We did not change the power supply, there is no other hardware connected and we use the 10k pull-up on the RxD line. Any idea what causes the loss of the Bluetooth signal? Or any idea how to determine if the Gumstix is still “breathing”?


Thanks in advance,

Jaco Bos

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