I am attempting to compile the omap3-pwm driver for the overo running Angstrom.
I can’t seem to properly set up the build environment to compile the driver.
I followed the openembedded “getting started” page here
Which helped me set up the core openembedded environment. However I can’t seem to find the specific details to set up the overo. As it stands, following the compile instructions for omap3-pwm just spits out the error “make: *** /tmp/sysroots/overo-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/kernel: No such file or directory.  Stop.” which is understandable since I haven’t installed anything overo specific.
I’ve attempted to follow the directions here on compiling a kernel (which I’m not sure is necessary?)
but the commands do not produce the output listed. (The first command uses a dead link, and the second command prints out nothing. I believe there is a setup step before those instructions that I am missing. )
I also attempted to follow these directions:
I was able to find the correct link for the dead link provided, but ultimately I determined that this is not the missing step to creating the build environment that was specified.
Anyone have any ideas where I should go from here?