I have the following setup:


Overo Fire, a usb wifi dongle and a camera


I am using the setup to transmit video frames whenever a gpio ‘level toggle’ occurs. It seems to be working fairly well.


However, the system only requires for the overo to send the frame to ONE PC. In other words, its point to point from the overo to a PC. I need multiple of these pairs. Now, the questions…


1.       Though the wifi module on the overo fire board (its drivers) limit the transmit rate to 100 KB/sec, is this also the case with the Bluetooth interface?

2.       If not, say I were to use a usb-bluetooth dongle and pair up with a PC, does anyone know how I can go about sending data to the PC from the overo?


Other questions…


1.       If the Bluetooth option is not viable, how do I, at startup disable the onboard wifi module and make the usb-wifi dongle to a certain SSID?

2.       Also, I wish to run the code I wrote at startup AFTER the network has been established. How would I go about doing this?


Many thanks!!









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