Hi All,
There are some FFC cable manufacturers that provide mating 0.3mm pitch FFC cable for Hirose FH26 series. But these FFC cables have all 27-contacts in single row whereas the Hirose FH26 datasheet recommends FPC where contacts are in two rows. I checked the specs and the FFC will mate with the FH26.
The FPC manufacturers are mentioning very HIGH NRE costs and FFC is much cheaper than FPC.
Will it be a good idea to use FFC instead of FPC? My concern is again of reliability. Has anyone used FFC for FH26 series already?
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I honestly donít know if the cable is built to the specifications required by the connector.


Half the conductors work just fine, and itís the other half that have the problem.


The outside ones I believe are fine, but the inner ones donít reliably connect.


The cable itself works just fine if you test it with a fine tipped multi-meter, but when its inserted into the connector that it has the problem.







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Subject: [Gumstix-users] 27-Pin Flex Cable Replacement for Overo Camera Header


Hi All,


Gumstix is providing 27-Pin Flex cable for the camera connector on the OVERO boards. As many users have reported already that this cable is not realiable and works only for a few insertions/de-insertions. 7 of my 8 cables that I bought from Gumstix are already damaged.


Can anyone suggest a replacement part for this cable or at least provide some vendor details who supplies mating flex cables for Hirose connectors?







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