This is my first post to the mailing list. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Searching through the archives has been helpful but I was hoping for some updated information.


TL;DR: Does anyone have pre-built linux/android images with the OpenGL ES SGX drivers on a DM 3730 WaterSTORM? Or instructions to build them? Is there a bitbake recipe I’ve not found?


The long version: I recently purchased a WaterSTORM with the intention of using Kivy (http://kivy.org/) to develop a touchscreen device. However it requires OpenGL ES 2 (which the DM3730 should be capable of) but no driver is provided in the current Yocto bitbake recipe or the Ubuntu image. I have Kivy running with software opengl emulation but it’s too darn slow to be usable.


Searching through the mailing list and the internet I have read conflicting statements on the status of using opengl SGX with the WaterSTORM. Some posts suggest people have it working on Android and/or Linux. However, other posts suggest not, and the fact that the info has been hard to find and there’s no wiki topics for doing this on the DM3730 suggests it’s not working. All the posts I have found are 2+ years old so I was hoping for a more up-to-date response.


Of course, if I’ve missed something obvious please let me know. For example, is there a yocto bitbake recipe I’ve missed?


Thank you for your help,