Hi All,

I'm new to Gumtix, just at the stage of trying to figure out which components to use and if it will do the job I need. I would really appreciate some guidance from those who know.

I want to use the Caspa camera module and will want to run some streaming video compression. When in use, the whole thing needs to be as small as possible which suggests either a Thumbo or Pinto expansion module, probably Pinto due to the smaller connector. On the development bench I'll use something with more connectivity, perhaps Tobi.

The Thumbo and Pinto video spec says that Thumbo can only take Overo Earth and Water (no mention of whether a Caspa is fitted) because the power requirements of other COMs exceeds the USB spec (so presumably this applies to Pinto too). I can't find any reference to this power limit or any power requirement figures (for Overo COMs or Caspa) on the website.

I guess there are two questions here:
1) How do I select an appropriate COM: must host Caspa and have enough resource for streaming compression and storage, doesn't need any wireless capability.
2) What is the appropriate expansion board: the size demands Pinto (or maybe Thumbo) but do I then have a power problem? - I don't need the USB facility when in use, perhaps I can provide additional power to the expansion board's +5V?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated, the Gumstix products look really neat, it would be great to make this work!

Thanks for your help,