I've got two questions about the Ethernet hardware for Verdex Pro COM.

The Ethernet chip used on the netpro-vx expansion board is LAN9117, but I need an industrial grade replacement.  LAN9117 doesn't have the industrial grade option, but LAN9221 does and is the latest revision of the LAN9117 chip.  I want to ask if there will be driver issues if I use this new chip?

I will be integrating the Ethernet hardware on my custom board with the Verdex Pro COM plugged onto the custom board through the 60-pin connector.  Since the netpro-vx has the Ethernet on the 80-pin connector, which is on the opposite side of the 60-pin connector, can you recommend a cable that I can connect from the 80-pin connector on the Verdex Pro COM to my custom board.

Thank You,