Actually, due to a mixup with my Yocto/bitbake setup, I was using the defconfig from meta-sakoman/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-sakoman-3.6/omap3-multi/.  Which looks like a 3.5 defconfig.  The defconfig in /meta-gumstix/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-gumstix-3.6/duovero/ (danny branch) already has the DMA stuff, so I'm trying that now for my 3.6 kernel build.  On bootup I can see now that the DMA channels are there, so that's an improvement, but it panics when booting from NAND, I think because the duovero defconfig is missing CONFIG_MTD_NAND_OMAP2=y.  I've added that, and am trying again.

But is it crazy to use the gumstix omap-3.6 kernel and the duovero defconfig for my overo FE?  I see a number of differences between the above two defconfigs.  The diff is about 800 lines long.  Again, the whole reason I moved to 3.6 was because it seems more stable for my i2c stuff.

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