I might have found the solution to this..

I think it has to do with overo.conf setting for the UBIFS parameters.

I'll do a fresh bake and see if it is the cause of the missing 256MB.. (^^,)

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 11:27 AM, JamesAng <angweiyang@gmail.com> wrote:


I just laid my hand on a new Overo FE 512MB/512MB stick (R3119).

I've updated the MLO, U-Boot, Kernel and UBIFS (desktop-nand-image)
Filesystem to the latest from Gumstix.

The amount of RAM and NAND detected during booting is correct at

When I login to the console and check the freespace available, I got

root@overo:~# df -aTh
Filesystem     Type          Size     Used  Avail  Use% Mounted on
rootfs             rootfs         230M   225M  4.2M  99%    /
ubi0:rootfs      ubifs          230M   225M  4.2M   99%   /
devtmpfs        devtmpfs   245M   208K   245M   1%   /dev
proc               proc          0           0        0         -
tmpfs             tmpfs        40K      0        40K      0%   /mnt/.splash
sysfs             sysfs        0           0        0         -        /sys
none              tmpfs        245M  208K  245M      1%    /dev
devpts           devpts       0     0     0   -  /dev/pts
usbfs             usbfs        0     0     0   -  /proc/bus/usb
tmpfs             tmpfs       245M  856K  244M   1% /var/volatile
tmpfs             tmpfs       245M     0  245M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs             tmpfs        245M     0  245M   0% /media/ram

and for the amount of RAM

root@overo:~# free -bl
            total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:     513024000   72896512  440127488          0          0   34480128
Low:     513024000   72896512  440127488
High:            0          0          0
-/+ buffers/cache:   38416384  474607616
Swap:            0          0          0

The amount of freespace on the rootfs is less than 1%??!!! and the detected
size is only 256MB??
On my other Overo FE 256MB/256MB, this is expected but with a 512MB NAND and
the remaining space are gone??

I'm using Gumstix's script to write the UBIFS file and everything.

Anyone encountered this situation?

Or, do I need to build my own UBIFS nand-image and change some parameters in
the recipe to get the full 512MB NAND?

Please advise.


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