Hey guys, just a quick thought over the top of my head. Sometimes it seems bitbake has some issues with parallel builds (PARALLEL_MAKE="jX"). Usually when there's some files not found during compile like in this case, I rerun the recipe without any parallel option and it goes through correctly (you can then reenable the parallel build to continue with the rest of the image).

Hope this helps,

2012/1/29 JamesAng <angweiyang@gmail.com>
Hi Casey,

Casey St.Fleur wrote
> Hello again,
> So my installation worked for a several minutes before I received
> another error.
> below is what I believe to be the problem but attached is the actual
> log file. Just so that everyone knows, I copied the powervr-drivers
> recipes from the gumstix-oe to Sakoman powervr-drivers recipe folder.
> Secondly I did a bitbake clean on the three dependencies of
> libgles-omap3, virtual/libx11, libxau, and libxdmcp .
> cp: cannot stat
> `/home/uav/overo-le/tmp/work/armv7a-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/libgles-omap3-*':
> No such file or directory
> Casey

Any luck progressing from there?

I tried re-building from scratch using Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit Host on a VM but
still gets the same errors.

I wonder how Steve managed to get pass all that to complete his build in his


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