I'm running some tests now with a new image. Thank you for the offer. I'm sure that your image will be useful for testing if you make it available. I'll update tomorrow, this new image is behaving sanely, so far after 6 hours. We'll see how it does in 24 hours.


On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:06 PM, Alex Gibson <> wrote:
On 1/03/2012 7:35 AM, Blaine Booher wrote:
> The plot thickens....
> We got in a brand new USB dongle today
> <>. It uses the RTL8187
> kernel module which, lucky for us, is already present on our overo
> build. All we did was plug it in and we were good to go. Signals
> strength is much stronger than with the overo (67/70 vs 45/70). Our
> network was up and running. We were celebrating the easy solution to our
> annoying wifi problem...
> ... until the same problem occurred 20 minutes later. An "updating CDMA
> regional settings" message displayed on the screen, and we lost network
> connectivity. (No longer associated)
> So now this leads me to believe that the problem may actually be in the
> wireless subsystem, not the driver. (Wired connections have never been
> an issue).
> We're going to try a newer image to see what happens. I hope this helps.
> Sincerely,
> Blaine

Time to update the image.
Get a new card and keep the old one somewhere safe.

I'm building a new build vm for students to use, can tar it up and put
it on the web if your interested ?

It'll be fedora 16 and will work in vmware player.
Should have it up by monday.
Probably around 5 -7GB download

It'll just be a matter of running bitbake so it downloads the needed
source files.

I'll post a link here when its ready to download


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