Whenever I get random junk on the screen it means that I haven't set up my serial connections right. Try messing with the error handlings / encodings. You'll get there.

I'd also boot from a live CD and try minicom from there. This way you can verify the settings and that your board works, then move back to windows and try to replicate it. 


On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 8:29 PM, James Linder <> wrote:

On 01/03/2012, at 9:44 PM, wrote:

> I am a newbie, and haven't managed to resolve this issue by searching
> the archive, so hopefully someone can help here.
> A fresh-from-the-factory GUM3503S Overo Sand board has been plugged
> into a PKG30002 Tobi board.
> The console USB interface on the Tobi (FTDI 232) is then attached to
> an XP box, and the device configured as COM5 at 115200, N, 8, no handshaking.
> So, I think I have followed so far.
> Using TerraTerm attached to COM5, 5V is then applied to the Tobi
> board, three LEDs light up - USB (green), COM (green) and Tobi (red).
> I am rather expecting to see something like "Texas Instruments
> X-Loader 1.4.4ss (Oct 20 2010 - 10:10:28)" to appear on the console.
> Instead a load of random characters appear on TerraTerm.
> The 5V DC input appears to be stable at 5.02V during this whole test,
> and there appears to be 3.28V across C44 as expected.
> Pressing the RST button on the Tobi board re-send the random character string.
> I have tried baud rates between 115200 and 9600 without seeing any
> sensible messages.
> Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

As a newby when the first one fails then you really feel alone, so some opinions that may or indeed may not help at all ...

Were this me I'd wager it was a baud rate issue and that your term was not working ...
For me winders is a lunar landscape, bare airless inhospital to life, I'd boot one of the live linux CDs eg say ubuntu 10..12 anything and run minicom.
It's definitely 115200 8 1 and the <funny characters> say it is surely working

in general 1 or 2 chars say baud rate is set too low
lot of funny chars say it is set too high

(booting a live CD does not touch your disk, so is totally harmless)

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