Alex (and anyone else),

Most of the usb cards on the market today are N. Even if we use "G", is there any reason I should be concerned about an "N" card? Has anyone successfully used an "N" USB card? I'm mostly just making sure that I can power the N card from the "standard" USB port on the gumstix. I doubt that'll be an issue, though.

I think we're going the USB dongle route. We've simply spent too much time worrying about this problem when a usb dongle will take care of it for us.


On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 7:01 PM, Alex Gibson <> wrote:
On 28/02/2012 10:36 AM, Blaine Booher wrote:
> Ben,
> Do you use a powered hub with your usb module?
> I'm about to give up on the overo wifi chip. We have a project that is
> becoming unwieldy due to wifi issues we're experiencing. It is
> incredibly frustrating. Randomly dropped connections, mostly. We can't
> pin it down to router hardware, signal strength, or anything else. It
> works great up until it doesn't, the wifi light just turns off. It
> scares me to think about using this gumstix out in the wild. We may end
> up using a USB dongle but I fear we may need to use a powered hub. This
> is turning into a nightmare.
> Sincerely,
> Blaine

You can use wifi dongles without powered hubs, at least just one.

We've been using wifi dongles for over 2 years on one project.

g not n though. Belkin and edimax dongles both work very well with
aircrackng and scapy. Edimax EW7318USG with external antenna which is
nice if you need to use an extension cable to mount the antenna on the
outside of the case/equipment box.Or belkin F5D7050
Both also work nicely if you need to do packet injection.

Also the huawei E620 USB Modem(gsm/3g) works nicely.

Using the wifi dongle also spreads the heat sources around.


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