Hello All,

I have two different Overo Fire FE COMs.  One is GS3503-R2899 and the other is GS3503-R3358.  I am able to run Steve Sakoman's 2.6.39PM Kernel with Ubuntu on the R2899 board from a flashed SD card.  If I put this same card in the R3358 board, it will boot up to the point where it loads the kernel.  Without the card, the R3358 boots fine from it's on-board factory installed kernel.  Any ideas?  Schematics?  Is there an updated PM kernel that I should be using?

It could also be something with the Tobi daughter boards.  The R3358 Overo is attached to a R3564 Tobi board.  I'm unsure what Tobi board the R2899 is attached to, but it is most likely an older one.

Thank You for Your Help,
Michael Lindemuth