Hi All,

I have tried to design an expansion board which is exactly similar to the Tobi-Duo in its schematics (and also has 2 ethernet ports).

I built a very simple kernel image comprised of from an online builder (http://narcissus.angstrom-distribution.org/). 

During run-time, when I try 'ifconfig -a', I am shown two connections - 'eth0' (this one works completely fine) and 'lo' (Link encap: Local Loopback .......). Although I expect eth1 to appear, it does not. 

I am pretty sure that the hardware of the expansion board is fine because I noticed that if I use an online standard kernel image downloaded from http://cumulus.gumstix.org/images/angstrom/factory/, both eth0 and eth1 do work! However, I would rather not use such a bulky kernel for a simple task of mine.

Why is the eth1 not initialized/ready? I would appreciate any suggestions to help me solve this issue.

Thanks! Have a cheerful day :)