This might be a newbie question. I have a duovero with a parlor board, without backup battery.

I did built a custom yocto image, based on meta-gunstix-extras/gumstix-ros-image , without the ros components. 

On friday I had this working well, networkmanager installed, and able to connect to have the board automatically connect to our lab DHCP server, getting an IP address and using ssh on my workstation to connect to the board. Leaving for the week end, I shutdown the board gracefully using "shutdown now"

This morning, I was unable to boot. First if I let some USB device plugged in the USB host ( an ASUS xTion Live Pro RGBD sensor), the boot sequence hangs at 

** Unable to read "boot.scr" from mmc 0:1 **
reading uImage

If I remove the pugin, then a weird loop happen. The uImage is read correctly, and just after systemd is started, and the message "Welcome to linux" appears, the system restart the boot sequence from beginning.

Does anyone experienced this issue ? Is there something I made wrong ?

best regards,

Alexandre Tuleu
PhD Student
Vislab laboratory - IST
Biorob Laboratroy - EPFL