I have a Overo Air with a Pinto-TH expansion board that I'm using to drive an I2C bus.  I was using a Verdex Pro previously that was blown due to a horrible oversight on my part.  I have a project that needs to go live in under a week so I'm scrambling to get up to speed with the Overo.  I have a few questions that I'm hoping this list can answer:

1) I've powered the Overo with +5v at the V_BATT pin of the Pinto-TH.  It lights up, but is that correct?

2) I get a green light next to the wireless chip, but I never get the orange connect light.  Should it connect automatically to the strongest signal out of the box?  My Verdex Pro did this but I'm not sure about the Overo.  Any other suggestions to getting wireless working

3) The Pinto-TH has a mini-USB connector.  It doesn't seem like that acts as a serial console; is this true?  Is there any other non-wireless way to communicate with the Overo given my current components (the gumstix store seems to have a 15day backorder on everything right now)

4) The Overo runs at 1.8v, but my previous project as assuming I2C signals at 3.3v (I was using a 3.3v to 5v I2C buffer).  Is there any way to get 3.3v I2C signals on the Overo or do I need to do that externally?